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About DSSCribs

DSS Cribs is a non-profit organisation. We rely on donations from the staff, public and others. DSSCribs was established in 2008 and has been growing ever since. We believe in fast and reliable service that makes our customers satisfied customers. We are based in London and we are a part of the vibrant charity community in the UK.

DSSCribs objects includes

Cromwell A

Cromwell Abiori comes from an engineering and scientific background, He is the founder of DSSCribs. He had a personal experience of the difficulty faced by home-seekers in the England.

DSSCribs Services


DSSCribs is here to provide Independent Advice to people with difficulty securing a DSS property. We operate our advice services on a NO fee basis only, to ensure our independence. We are based in London, England and are happy to provide face to face advice within England, and elsewhere, by arrangement. In addition, we can provide advice by telephone, post and email throughout the UK.

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