About Us


About DSSCribs

DSS Cribs is a non-profit organisation. We rely on donations from the staff, public and others. DSSCribs was established in 2008 and has been growing ever since. We believe in fast and reliable service that makes our customers satisfied customers. We are based in London and we are a part of the vibrant charity community in the UK.

DSSCribs objects includes

  • The relief of financial hardship, social and mental stress, by the provision of free legal, consultative advice and support to persons who, through lack of means, would otherwise be unable to obtain such
    Advice and support, by providing the following:
  • One to one assistance of DSS/LHA home seekers in securing a property to rent and free access to a database of available DSS Properties and Landlords.
  • Advising DSS/LHA home seekers on how to secure a property.
  • Promote the needs and requirement of potential DSS/LHA (Local Housing Allowance) tenants with DSS/LHA friendly Landlords/Estate Agencies, Housing Associations, Public authorities and figures, including MPs.
  • Provide a free forum for DSS/LHA friendly Landlords, potential DSS/LHA Tenants, existing DSS/LHA tenants and people seeking DSS/LHA flats or houses to discuss housing issues and experiences.
  • Engage and collaborate with DSS tenants by recruiting some as, volunteers, committee officials, survey or research assistant i.e focus groups etc.